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The first person I told that I wanted to cut my hair told me i’d be ugly on short hair. Most people had the same opinion while some others just could not understand why i would want to cut my 12 inch full, dark and thriving 3B natural hair. Now that the hair is all gone, the most recurrent question has been “why did you cut your hairrrrr?”. Along with comments like “hmm, you’re bold oh”. Well, thank you. Here’s why I cut my hair and how it made me feel!

The foremost reason is that I wasn’t taking care of my hair as I should have been and i really wasn’t going to get into it. It was stressing me thinking about wash days, detangling, moisturizing, deep conditioning, protective styling and all of that wonderful natural hair care stuff. I used to enjoy doing it but then i realized it had become burdensome for me and I was spending tons of money on going to the salon to get all of that done. I was also really craving a change! I thought about dyeing my hair, which I had done before but I knew that would not be enough for me.

The part about being told i’ll be ugly and that ‘my hair is my beauty’ was an extra push, to be honest. I am certainly not afraid of being “ugly” and I am a firm believer that if you seek beauty in the “ugliest” of places, you will find it. The idea that a woman has to have hair to be beautiful, does not agree with me and conforming to these nonsense beauty narratives, is something I will not do. A woman told me I will no longer be attractive to the opposite sex and I laughed so hard because I do not and will never do things for the purpose of “attracting the opposite sex”. A man seriously told me, “I will just stop talking to you, what’ll now be the difference between me and you, ehn?”.

I am a non conformist by nature, I refuse to live by people’s and societies standards. This is not something I force, this is something I have found to be innate. Cutting my hair was first an act of self love. While I love and will continue to encourage people to grow and nurture their hair as long as they want to, it had become stressful to me and i was not trying to stress myself any further. It is also a statement, to anybody and everybody that has and will in the future, present these foolish societal standards to me, I do not conform, you are not God.

I’m so happy I cut my hair! It took months of indecision because I had invested a lot of time, money and love into growing it but I had to let it go and I feel greeeaaat!

I relearnt two things in this process.

  1. God cares and wants to be involved in every single area of your life, including the not so serious things like getting a hair cut. Because of course, I had to talk to him about the matter and in true loving Father style, he responded; accompanied with hair cut inspo and guidance in unexpected ways.
  2. Don’t let people detect standards to you.The only standard you need to live by is the ones God leads you to and the ones you set for yourself.

Cutting my hair was a big deal for me because it made me be decisive & take charge. While I am a non conformist, I am simultaneously a “people pleaser”. Which means that while I tend to go against the grain, I also displease myself or hold back from saying my opinions or doing certain things in order to make people comfortable. It’s an odd mix, but if you know me then you know this is accurate.

My whole family and every person I love did not want me to cut my hair. I’m sorry my loves, I did this one for me. I’m happy, loving it and thank you very much! It gave me serious empowerment guys. Seeing as I’ve been in a state of uncertainty about a couple of things, this made me feel like I’m still able to take charge. It seems to have started a chain reaction because now, some other things are becoming clearer by the day, God is good!

On a lighter note, I love these pictures! I love my hair(or head, lol) even more!

Rate this picture on a scale of of 1-10 in the comments please? I say 10/10!!! Thanks to God for taking his time to create this masterpiece and Lucas Ugo Photography for capturing it!

I love you! Jesus loves you! And as always…


Love & Light!


Ps, do you enjoy reading posts like this? Please let me know what you like more in the comments in order to provide even better content! 💕👇🏽




Adaeze Ume
  • Life of mommo (on instagram)
    Posted at 18:16h, 16 July Reply

    You are an inspiration….you go girl

  • Eddie
    Posted at 18:29h, 16 July Reply

    This “I am a non conformist by nature” truly defines one of the reasons I seem to be able to relate with you in so many ways. Because I am a nonconformist.

    When you posted you’d want to cut your hair, I didn’t think you’d be ugly, or the negatives, I only thought “she loved her hair a lot and she’s goofy, maybe she’s just being goofy again”, so in response to your question then, I said, you don’t have the mind to do it.

    I like this face, you have a beautiful head . I might have to do some design with this.

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 20:12h, 16 July Reply

      Yes, I noticed your non conformist nature! Lol but for a long time was just being goofy sha! Thank you so much! I’ll be waiting for this design

  • Sochima
    Posted at 20:05h, 16 July Reply


    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 20:12h, 16 July Reply

      Correct! Thank you for reading!

  • Diusor
    Posted at 21:05h, 16 July Reply

    10/10. Amazing post too

  • Agbo Chukwufumnanya
    Posted at 22:18h, 16 July Reply

    I love, love, love and love it, I like that you inspire me. I was indecisive about cutting my hair too but now I think I’m gonna go for it. And I also love how you put God I’m everything you do even the little things. Star girl!!!

  • Agbo Chukwufumnanya
    Posted at 22:19h, 16 July Reply

    I love, love, love and love it, I like that you inspire me. I was indecisive about cutting my hair too but now I think I’m gonna go for it. And I also love how you put God In everything you do even the little things. Star girl!!!

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 07:11h, 17 July Reply

      Thank you so much dear! If that’s what you want, go for it!! I wanna see pictures Lol!

  • Toks David
    Posted at 22:32h, 16 July Reply

    This is beautiful and suits you perfectly.

  • Johnson Damilola
    Posted at 23:04h, 16 July Reply

    Honestly, I thought you were actually joking!!! But you look really stunning and beautiful. I love you, I love your blog it’s the most interesting blog I have ever checked and I want you to know you are an inspiration….. Go girl, you are always on point. lol……

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 07:13h, 17 July Reply

      Woww this means a lot! Thank you so much!

  • Tijesunimi
    Posted at 00:53h, 17 July Reply

    Society is not to be pleased, validation from people about your style of living should not be sought out for. It’s all about living your best life with an unapologetic feel to it.

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 07:15h, 17 July Reply

      Yessss! Preach! Thank you Tijesu for always engaging!

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 00:59h, 17 July Reply

    You look good dearie, don’t let people tell trash. I to have started enjoying my self without makeup and I feel so good and confident. I’m dark and always felt uncomfortable without even little make-up, but I feel good now.
    I’ll rate a 10/10 and keep being you, it’s inspiring.

  • Ruth Wealth
    Posted at 02:25h, 17 July Reply

    You’re just an Inspiration Adaeze! Beautiful Beautiful

  • Nellyville4Christ
    Posted at 03:21h, 17 July Reply

    A big 11/10 to my RM, this look is the best and you look more beautiful with this look

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 07:17h, 17 July Reply

      Aww, you’re too kind! Thank you

  • The Eastern Magic
    Posted at 09:02h, 17 July Reply

    This is honestly inspiring I have been struggling with a decision recently and I decided to go ahead and do it. Reading this now am realizing I just charge of my own self happiness
    Thank you Ada ❤️

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 12:21h, 17 July Reply

      Yasss go girl! You definitely are! Thank you!

  • Oge
    Posted at 11:32h, 17 July Reply

    Her Gorgeousness you can’t be ugly even if you tried. Super proud of the woman you have become, you are truly truly an inspiration to everyone. Your look has exceeded the /10 scoreline please add more

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 12:20h, 17 July Reply

      Awww! You’re too sweet! Thank youu

  • Chisom
    Posted at 11:58h, 17 July Reply

    Please allow me to cry my cry…. Anylook you have will obviously be 10/10! But please I’m allowed to mourn the hair! The sweet part is I inherit the remaining natural hair PRODUCTS. .

    Biko the person that said you will be ugly obviously haven’t met the fam, cos even our bald headed dad is as hot as it gets! Lol!

    Anyway thank you for preparing me for this o cos you for come carry me from where I would have fainted instantly after seeing it if I were unwarned. Lol.

    Love you maximumly!!!

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 12:19h, 17 July Reply

      my love my love! Ndo oh! If you want sef I will send you the hair so you will use it as attachment
      Yup! Products coming throughh

  • IfechiTalks
    Posted at 16:23h, 17 July Reply

    I absolutely admire that you are not afraid of being ‘ugly’
    I used to be….I am actually just learning to live my life on my own standards and God’s.
    So this move of yours, actually the reason for this move of yours, is all shades of inspiration to me!
    You are blessed!

  • nada
    Posted at 17:53h, 17 July Reply

    Cold air can now reach your scalp.

  • Godlead
    Posted at 17:25h, 20 July Reply

    10/10 shikenaaaaa….

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