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A spicy 2017 !

The gist

It’s 2:40 am, 22nd of December as I write this post.

I’m here thinking about 2017! It was such an eventful year. I would most likely do a recap on my YouTube channel.

Guys, it’s safe to say I met every kind of the human race that there is this year. Good, bad, great, ugly!

For example, somebody I let into my life this year told me that I’m too opinionated and ambitious, that I needed to be more “womanly”. What in the misogyny is wrong is the you man?🙄

This year I also met the nicest person I know right now. Like he’s so nice I thought he “liked” me. I eventually found out that he was that way to all his friends! Lmao! Imagine if I caught feelings! 😂

Note to self: not every guy that is very very nice to you has other intentions 😂

In evaluating 2017, I realized there was a lot of unintentional living; a lot of “oh well, it just happened” moments.

Like the time I got drunk and puked on myself. 😭😭But that’s another day’s story. (I actually don’t drink, funny story, YouTube video maybe? LOL)

I’ve also had the best year so far! 2017 made me grow up so much more! I know myself a lot more, I know God a lot more, and I understand people a lot more. I’m generally just grateful.

However, here a few things I want to apply to my life moving forward

1. Live more intentionally.

2. Be firmer with standards & decisions

3. Surround myself with only positivity & positive influence

4. Protect my space more. Which may mean loving some people from a distance (Like, guy I love you like my sister/brother, I’ll pray for you and help you in times of need, but abeg, “dey your lane”) and that’s okay.

5. Finally, practice being happy some more. This year I learnt that being happy is actually your choice. You can deliberately choose to not let situations ruin your joy. Joy is truly from within.

The Look I wore a loose pink dress with a wine red belt, an easy choice. Styled it with fishnets to add a little spice and then sling back pumps. Topped it off with a hat and statement chocker for that extra glam. And voila! You have a queen! 😄😄

I wish I had taken pictures standing. I think I got carried away with how amazing the pictures looked during the shoot. Plus I was really drained on that particular day. However, I would definitely be styling the dress differently for another post!

Style Tips •Fish nets make everything spicier!

•Wearing a Hat is a good way to add that extra glam to your outfit!

Pink dress – ChezJumelle (gift)

Fishnet- Luchy’s Closet (1,500)

Shoes- Vr by Mobos (15,000)

Hat – New Look

Chocker – all.thingschic (2,500)

Huge shoutout to Riya of @riyalityphotography! She’s such a sweet heart and killed this shoot!

2017 was amazing! I’m truly excited for the new year! Cheersss!!!

Love & Light..

Adaeze Ume
  • Nneka ume
    Posted at 11:40h, 24 December Reply

    Real deep and refreshing

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 00:53h, 12 January Reply

    Nice one babe! Really inspiring! I was hoping I could get a one-on-one time to talk with you. There are things I’ll like to talk about.

  • Omarr
    Posted at 00:55h, 12 January Reply

    Nice one babe! Really inspiring! I was hoping I could get a one-on-one time to talk with you. There are things I’ll like to talk about.

    • Adaeze Ume
      Posted at 08:14h, 12 January Reply

      Thank you! Send me a DM on Instagram @ada_ume!

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