4 Holiday Style Ideas!

It’s my favorite time of the year! I actually really (used to) love Christmas! The spirit, the festivities, having family around, the carols, everything! It doesn’t feel the same these days anyways but still, it’s Christmas and it’s an opportunity to be extraaa with your style! Jesus would be happy with you! 😁

I collaborated with fellow blogger babe, the very stylish Mindy of mindymarco.com to bring you 4 Holiday Style ideas! Everyone is bound to find something they can wear or be inspired by, dig in!

My 1st Look.

This look screams sophisticated to me. It’s giving me I-am-off-to-the-royal-wedding-vibes or I’m-a-fashion-killing-money-making-machine. This girl is smelling of money guys and this bright red and black combo is one major reason why. Red is the all time favorite Christmas Holiday color and it’s hard to go wrong with red and black.

I styled this simple but sophisticated Karen Ubani dress with a slim belt to add a little chinch to my waist line.

Fishnets to add some character to my look and of course my fav Zara shoes.

This whole look was beautifully tied together with my DIY hatinator!

I sewed the net unto the hat to add some mystery to the look and this final touch made this whole look for me!

You bet I’d be wearing this to Church on Christmas Day!

Mindy’s 1st Look!

Mindy says:

I’m sure we all have events lined up for the holidays. Some formal and some casual.

With harmattan comes cool air which fluctuates occasionally so this factor should obviously play a vital role in your wardrobe choice. This outfit inspiration is a chic look for casual chills with your squad or a music/comedy show this Christmas!

When hanging out with friends I tend to go for the most basic looks and this comes in form of any kind of white top and blue jeans. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this combo.

But for the love of Christmas, I can’t go out that basic! . I believe my outfit has to level up to my Christmas hair (and yes I made official Christmas hair).So this look was inspired by the basic things that we all have in our wardrobes dressed up to fit the festive season.

This look is basically denim on denim with a touch of red. Recently the weather though usually cool keeps changing so I always make sure I have the option of taking off my jacket in case it suddenly gets hot. This made me choose a sleeveless turtleneck top underneath my oversized denim jacket .

Always remember that switching up a regular T-shirt to a top with a high neck can beef up a simple look. This shifts your look from simple to casual chic.

To add a touch of colour, I chose red. I think Christmas and the color red move simultaneously.

If you live in Nigeria, I honestly think this whether is the most reasonable excuse to wear those boots you’ve been dying to wear. So go ahead, rock them Sis!

Finally I threw on a funky retro red glasses to put some extra attitude to my outfit.

So there you go ,some casual Chicness for your xmas slay!

Adaeze says:

I completely love and relate to Mindy’s bold and sometimes eccentric style! This look is definitely Adaeze Vibes approved!

These two outfits work for different occasions especially during this festive season! But that’s not all, we have two more looks for you over at Mindy’s blog! You definitely wanna see those stunning looks! Click here!

Holiday Style Tips

‘Tis the season to be bold, jolly and sparkly! When planning your outfits think bold colors, sequins, Metallics, glitter, lace, richness, extraaa!

Be bold, almost everything is acceptable during the holidays! Lol. At least to me it is. 😂

What are your thoughts on these? Are you style inspired? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas Guys!

Until next time,

Love & Light!

Adaeze Ume

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