Travel Diaries: 5 Restaurants To Visit in Lagos!

Happy 2019 guys!

First post of the year and I love that it’s travel related cos your girl has some serious travel goals this year and so by God’s grace that is already available, I’ll get to meet those goals!

I had some time away from school this January so I decided to take a quick trip from school to Lagos, which is basically home. The thing with Lagos is that no matter how much time I spend there, it’s still always exciting for me because there’s always new places to explore!

On today’s episode of travel dairies, I’m sharing some restaurants I visited (because I’m a foodie and the world knows it) and a little extra fun.

#1 Danfo Bistro

My favorite thing about Danfo Bistro is the attention to detail. They stuck with the theme through and through. Even the toilet light was made from car plate numbers. Ugh! It has a modern Urban Vibrant Exciting Colorful Nigerian Vibe! Yes I had to use that many adjectives! Lol!

The ambience is a solid 8/10

The food a solid 8/10

The service another 8/10.

The cocktail to get is the Zobo Sangria! Please I’m begging you, get it, it’s wonderful!😩😍

Every single meal was a hit. So feel free to try any of the pictured options!

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for both the food and aesthetics! It gets a tad bit noisy. Not loud, but buzzing with life. 😉

And a plus? They let us take pictures with an actual camera! This is rare for Nigerian resturants Me and Ada of shot our collaboration at Danfo Bistro and you can read all about it here!

Sneak peek:

#2 The Harvest

I went to have dinner at The Harvest and so it was too dark to get any decent pictures of the environment and ambience! However, I loved the decor and the different segments. It wasn’t loud and so I could actually converse with my date. It’s definitely worth visiting.

I had the meat platter I think it was called and I enjoyed every single bite. Especially the shrimps and lamb. 7/10. Can’t complain.

#3 The Metaphor

This particular place is better seen than shown. Pictures really don’t do it justice. The might be my favorite place on this list. It literally feels like home. Home of rich old luxurious money. With so many different dinning areas, serene outdoor spaces and a generally well decorated space. It is the place to go have great conversation with good food too. I got to meet the owner and from talking to her, the vision she had was well interpreted!

For food, me and my friend shared a club sandwich which I’d give a 6/10 and we both had a fruit juices, just there. I’d have liked to try more stuff but I’d definitely be visiting The Metaphor again and again, so it’s fine.

#4 Bungalow Restaurant

This is the only restaurant I visited on the mainland and it was quite alright.

Has an indoor and outdoor segment. Indoor is more homely and serene and outdoor a lot more colorful yet still serene. I love the mix.

I had the grilled chicken and my friend had the pasta. I honestly don’t recall the exact names, I’m sorry. The Pasta was a 5/10 while the grilled chicken was a 6/10, in my opinion! Oooou the starter was fish sticks and it was goood! Almost 8/10. I’d like to go and try more options there.

I had two different cocktails and my bougie friend had red wine. Oh yea, their menu was on an iPad! Yess to bougieness!

#5 Moist Beach Club

This last place deserves a lot more pictures but my friend was late and so I couldn’t take pictures of me in the space before the sun went down! Guys! I promise I wanted to cry because it was one of the most picturesque places I’d been to on the whole trip. I’ll definitely be revisiting!

I didn’t eat here but my friend did have the chicken skewers or kebab, I don’t recall clearly but I remember having a taste and it was good! My Chapman was just alright!

Because this post is getting too long! I’m going to post a part 2! The day of this picture was maybe my favorite day. Read about it here! Also, there’s a YouTube vlog coming this weekend! Skrrr.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What was your experience? Which are you adding to your list of places to visit! Let me know in the comments! 👇🏾

Happy New Year!

Love & Light!

Adaeze Ume
  • Desire Uba
    Posted at 20:25h, 30 January Reply

    You did not come to Lagos to play!!! Only place I have been to is The Metaphor and you’re right, it feels like rich people’s home, I love the vibe.
    Danfo Bistro has been all over Instagram and its nice to know that it is worth the hype.
    Your pictures are beautiful, as always.
    I cannot wait to see Part 2!
    Thank you for sharing Ada ❤️

  • Stella
    Posted at 00:10h, 01 February Reply

    Ada this review is lovely and most importantly helpful.
    I can see lagos looks good on you…lol
    I just realized I have never heard of the metaphor, now I have heard thanks to Ada, I shall pay them a visit soon

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